Automated replying to profile comments with customizable replies


Timed commenting on profiles of friends, strangers or even yourself with custom or random comments


A multi-mode playtime farming bot to gather cards or impress your friends with your playtime. Includes a manual mode and multiple automated ones


Crafting badges made automatic and visual with experience bar, item counters and more to come


Automatically accept, ignore, or block friend & group invites with lots of filters to choose from


Run faster through your Steam discovery queue. Automatically ignore games with certain tags or run through them all manually

Extra Tools

Comment Statistics
Profile comment statistics visualized

Download Speed Limiter
Custom download speed limiter for the Steam client

Profile Text Alignment Tool
Aligns text and can create columns for your custom Info box

Who Removed Me!? 
Keep track of your friends: find out who removed you

Development Progress



  1. Download the zip file from the "Download" button above

  2. Extract AraniaBot.exe from the zip file to a location of choice
    1. Best practice would be to create a new folder somewhere and extract it there, since it will be creating new files in the same directory.
    2. Avoid using any of the Program Files folders as they require administrator access to create, delete, or modify files in.

  3. (Optional) Create a shortcut from AraniaBot.exe to your desktop

  4. When running for the first time, it wil automatically download the full bot package and will start up after doing so

  5. Don't do things that can get you banned from the Steam community

Patch notes


  • NEW: Setting in CommentBot to send multiple comments to one user before going to the next (cooldown will only trigger after the last comment is sent)
  • CHANGED: Temporarily disabled telemetry data as telemetry server is offline anyway
  • FIXED: Errors created by blocked (but not deleted) comments
  • FIXED: Errors resulting
  • FIXED: IdleBot crashing on games with playtime over 1000
  • FIXED: IdleBot combobox UI error
  • NEW: 'Avatar Changer' added to TOOLS tab (allows to drag and drop, zoom, crop, and apply images as avatars with a few clicks)
  • NEW: Replaced CommentBot filter system with an advanced rule-based system
  • NEW: Added checkbox in the CommentBot settings panel for adding own accounts to the list
  • NEW: Added checkbox in the
  • NEW: IdleBot (a multi-mode playtime farming bot)
  • CHANGED: Error popups caused by the CommentBot should now give a bit more details to what went wrong
  • CHANGED: Login system rework in preperation of multi-account features
  • CHANGED: Wording in a few places
  • FIXED: Comment
  • NEW: Added Help panel to CommentBot
  • NEW: 'Comment Statistics' has been added to the TOOLS tab (shows statistics about the comments posted on your profile)
  • NEW: Added system that checks for banned accounts (makes the app faster in general)
  • NEW: 'Who Removed Me?' has been added to the TOOLS tab (allows the creation of
  • NEW: Added 'Download Speed Limiter' tool to the Tools tab
  • NEW: Tray icon can now be double clicked to re-open the main window
  • CHANGED: Moved custom comment settings for the CommentBot to to bot window itself
  • CHANGED: Renamed CommentBot 'Filters' panel to 'Bot settings'
  • FIXED: Crash on login
  • FIXED: Unable to comment to anyone
  • NEW: Added CraftBot (Automated badge crafting with a live moving xp-bar and item counters)
  • FIXED: Top and left side of the main frame were not useable for resizing
  • FIXED: Maximizing didn't resize the inner panels
  • FIXED: Inner panel resizing problems
  • CHANGED: Frame borders are now thicker for easier resizing
  • CHANGED: Custom fonts changed to default Java fonts to enable font fallback (eg. Chinese, Japanese and Korean now show properly)
  • CHANGED: Removed some bots from the side bar (don't worry, I will still make them some day).
  • FIXED: Some issues when resizing the
  • NEW: Added Tools tab
  • NEW: Added basic profile text alignment tool
  • CHANGED: Added mascot to splash screen
  • CHANGED: Modified CommentBot to work with the new friends list
  • CHANGED: CommentBot's filters panel is now open by default
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