AraniaBot Version 1.29

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  • NEW: Added 'Download Speed Limiter' tool to the Tools tab
  • NEW: Tray icon can now be double clicked to re-open the main window
  • CHANGED: Moved custom comment settings for the CommentBot to to bot window itself
  • CHANGED: Renamed CommentBot 'Filters' panel to 'Bot settings'
  • CHANGED: Renamed 'Open' to 'Show' in the tray icon menu and rearanged menu items
  • FIXED: Mysteriously fixed a resizing problem by removing previous resizing fix
  • FIXED: CommentBot comment category picker now updates when new categories are added or removed
  • FIXED: CommentBot comments inside a category did not always load/show when selected in the settings
  • EXTRA NOTE: Added README.txt file to the '' file downloaded from the link in my profile